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Cheating in Your Face

Women complain that men don't pay attention and men complain that women are not horny enough or deny them sex. When are we going to stop playing the blame game and really focus on the fact that nobody is doing their job in the relationship.

Women: Stop fucking complaining about you are not feeling appreciated when you go around looking like shit. Hair everyday in a ponytail..or you cut your hair off just to turn your husband off on purpose, blaming the fact that you have extra things to do and don't have time to pamper yourself. That is bullshit and you know it. You are so caught up in this Martha Stewart fantasy that you can't even see that your man needs you more than ever. The world is so hard out here cut him a fucking break! Looking at your friends and your mother on what to do with your life. Wake up! decide for yourself what you want, you can't be a jogging suit  houswife forever ...........change it up today

Men: Stop going around as if you can do better, stop telling your friends about the kind of sex you not getting. Shut the hell up and stop gossiping like bitches and fix your sex. If you want her to do more stuff in the bedroom just tell her. If she makes up excuses fix them like if she claim she busy, then rearrange her schedule. If she say she don't feel sexy, then re invent her and make her feel worthy. Also fix yourself up, who wants to lay down with a slob of a man. Don't complain about her looks when you don't look like shit either. Wake up! no supermodel or play boy bunny is coming to fuck you any time soon.

People cheat because of miscommunication and they lie to avoid the truth. Why play games and why sit around pretending that things will fix themselves. Stop fucking complaining and trying to go to therapy for couple help, fix it yourself. Talk to her.....and talk to him.....

Tell her she is not good in bed and you are not happy.....

Wake up and talk ......Do it.....! don't wait for embarrassment ......... don't wait till you are with someone else lying and cheating behind their back...........tell them not happy .......fuckin tell them.....


Joey said…
I'd been following your blog for sometime for now, and I can say it's getting way better more and more..I can tell that there are many things i learnt from your posts, and I'd lot of fun reading.

With the awesome topics you choose every-time .. with your sexually appealing pictures at the side.. it takes me as a reader to a mystical experience that's so unique.

I guess I'm falling in love with .. ehem .. your ways..

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