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Sex on Cam

Let's get right to it...

The two of you are long distance or just want to show some affection by cam. Confidence goes a long way in this situation. Being on cam with clothes on is equally as hard with them off. The key to making this work is confidence. In order to build this confidence you have to first look in the mirror and realize that you are great. Next you need to understand the person who wants to see you on cam loves you as unconditionally. (if they hate your body, get rid of them) 

I only have one advice to be able to be sexy on cam. Start your journey with a stranger. I know this sounds like cheating but its not. Exploring yourself with a stranger makes things easier. This person has no connection with you, they just want to see you cum. Practice by visiting one of the sites I listed below.

When I thought about doing sex on cam, it was with a long distance partner. However I didn't build the confidence until I met a stranger on a cam chat site. Suddenly I felt free …

Cheating in Your Face

Women complain that men don't pay attention and men complain that women are not horny enough or deny them sex. When are we going to stop playing the blame game and really focus on the fact that nobody is doing their job in the relationship.

Women: Stop fucking complaining about you are not feeling appreciated when you go around looking like shit. Hair everyday in a ponytail..or you cut your hair off just to turn your husband off on purpose, blaming the fact that you have extra things to do and don't have time to pamper yourself. That is bullshit and you know it. You are so caught up in this Martha Stewart fantasy that you can't even see that your man needs you more than ever. The world is so hard out here cut him a fucking break! Looking at your friends and your mother on what to do with your life. Wake up! decide for yourself what you want, you can't be a jogging suit  houswife forever ...........change it up today

Men: Stop going around as if you can do better, stop…