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How to Fuck a Big Pussy

There comes a time when you have to man up and face your fear. Why are you scared in the first place? Probably because your friends have warned you about fucking a woman with a big pussy. There is no reason to run away from something that can give you the best experience of your life. The three things you need to know before having sex is position, the body and pleasure.

The body:

You need to explore her body by touching her pussy. Rub it and finger it getting both of you more comofrotable before having sex. Don't examine her like a doctor just learn her body so that you can give her the ultimate pleasure.


Doggy style or doing anal are positions that never fail. The main thing you have to do is have her spread those juicy thigh and bend as far as she can. Slide your cock in and out slowly teasing her fat pussy. If you want to get the most out of the experience have her sit on your cock or do anal. The key to having a big girl riding your cock is to have her spread her t…