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He watches: Voyeur bbw

"Boss, here goes your mail for the day", as Sarah tosses the mail onto the desk and closes the door behind her. Amber, thinks I am cheating on her with my secretary Sarah but I am not. I am a venture capitalist, which keeps me busy saying yes and no to business deals. I work late every night which is why she is suspicious a lot. Tonight, I decided to surprise her by including her into my lucrative business deals. Let me call her, "I'll be home soon, but if anybody knocks the door don't answer its late and I told Ron not to come by tonight," She asks what time will I arrive but I quickly avoid a time and tell her I will see you shortly. Did I mentioned that I am a business man? However, there is part of me my wife doesn't know about. How could I explain this ... well I have a voyeurism fetish. I love getting up close to women and watching what’s under their skirt with my phone. My preference is big women with soft plushy bodies. One time I was standing …