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How to ride a man

On all fours, bent over, leg up , and missionary are all good positions but the one that women have the most trouble with is riding. Although riding seems simple the lack of confidence can make some women embarrassed to even try it. In order to ride properly there are two  things that you have to accomplish which is confidence and movement.

First, in order to be able to ride on top of a man you need confidence. Some women refuse this position because they don't know how to feel comfortable as they ride. Realize first that if he didn't like your body then he wouldn't be having sex with you. To be a success at riding you have to lose  your sense of fear and inhibition. You know in your mind you really want to make him feel good and you want to enjoy all of his shaft inside you right? We know you are thinking this but you have to act on it, because if you don't you will always say to yourself what if? Your body in your mind may not be what you like and if not make it the …

How to Handle Big Booty in Sex

Women assume that men can penetrate their large asses and not lose erection. Well some can and most can't  and that is where the women have to rethink their position in doggy style. The number one reason women like doggy style is because its easy. Some women like the fact that they can bend over and spread and not do much else. Some women believe that gobbling the dick is the way to satisfy the man during doggy position.

Guys need to gain back control of this position and tease the woman. If you are dealing with a large ass then I suggest placing pillows beneath her so she can feel all of you. Then make her spread her cheeks and then go deep inside with slow small strokes. After a few seconds pull out and rub in between the cheeks and if she wants more she needs to earn it. If she doesn't follow the rules and keeps trying to bury your dick then you need to smack her ass for punishment.

Remember when dealing with big pussy or ass, that size matters. Big pussies and ass were cr…