Friday, July 8, 2016

How To Give GREAT Phone Sex

The other day, I sat in my room crying to myself and wondering what did I do to deserve this. All of this time I had spent supporting him and giving everything I had to our relationship. I sleep alone alot of nights because he told me that he had to work late. I spent holidays alone because he told me that he had to go out of town for business. Some nights I would cook dinner knowing that his face would be absent from the other end of the table. Sitting on my bed, I became frozen as I stared into the open space in which we used to share. He left me for her, Amy the intern who helped him with all his projects. The look in his eyes as words formed from his lips telling me that he no longer loved me, shocked my heart. As he walked out the door, he turned to me and said, "Maybe if you lose some weight you can get another man to fuck you." The door closed and I stood there in silence with petals of tears running down my cheek. How could he just abandon the love that we built over all these years for an intern? Suddenly I went into a deep depression that seem like years but was only for a few weeks.

Sitting at the ice cream parlor, I devoured two big bowls of vanilla fudge. As I put each spoonful into my mouth I cried. The waitress kept asking me am I okay but I would just nod and mumble yes. "Excuse me may I sit here?" a deep rough voice said as I held my spoon in mid air. I didn't respond because, I didn't know how to respond. Staring at my bowl I refused to look up and instead shoved the spoonful of ice cream into my mouth. "So what flavor of ice cream is that?" he asked as I began to move my head slightly to look up. "Its vanilla fudge", I said softly as I began to notice his face.  It was Glen from my job. Glen is a man that all of the ladies follow at work, they love his charm and good looks. His hair is jet black with lots of curls and he has gem colored green eyes. He is handsome but he has never spoken to me before at work and feel confused about him sitting across from me. "You haven't been to work in a few days, is everything okay?", he asks as he dips his spoon into my ice cream bowl. "I am okay, just been busy", as reply to him in a soft tone looking at him intensely. How does he know I haven't been to work, this man doesn't know me nor has he ever even acknowledged my existence. "Btw you have very good choice in ice cream", as he took another spoonful from my bowl. In my mind I am thinking what does he want from a broken woman and I wished he would go away. Then all of sudden he stood up, "I leave you with your ice cream for now but call me later" as he placed a card on the table then walked away. I gazed at the card for a moment thinking why would I want to call him. What is he wanting? before I could ask myself anymore questions I quickly grabbed the card and put in my purse.

Later that night, I kept thinking about the card in my purse. If I called him what would we talk about? Him and I have nothing in common at all. So before I scared myself out the whole idea, I took out the card and called him. "Hello April, how are you this evening" he said as breathed into the phone saying hello. Silence for a few seconds and he says,"What are you wearing tonight?" as I could hear breathes escape from his lips while on the phone. Startled at first I began to describe what I was wearing. "Well I am wearing a black crop top and skirt." He paused in the midst of his breathing and asked could I remove my top. I wanted to say no and hang up the phone however I slowly began to pull my top over my head. "You should always be comfortable when talking to me," he said as I sat in my chair like a kid waiting for the next instruction. "Are your nipples hard right now?" he asked as I began to look down at my curvy breasts. I acknowledged they were hard with a soft, "Yes." Then he told me to rub my nipples in circles and tell him how it feels. Feeling a little reluctant, I began to do what he wants, "My nipples feel soft as I glide my finger over each one," I said as my fingers went randomly over my nipples as I sat in my chair firmly. "My dick is so hard baby, let me rub it all on your nipples," as he began to breathe harder into the phone. My pussy began to throb as his voice echoed through my whole body. "Spread your legs, open that pussy wide, and rub that clit baby," he said as I started to hear him stroking his dick up and down. I told him my fingers were rubbing my clit and that he could slide in at any time. He then said to me, "Let me slide in that fat pussy baby, " as he began to moan louder in to the phone. My voice started to tremble as I felt that connection of both of us cumming at the same time. "Cum for me baby," he said as I started to moan while rubbing my clit faster and then exploding. He came quickly after me and told me that he had to go. Feeling confused I took it as he used me for his pleasure. I then crawled into my bed and just stared up looking at the ceiling thinking about what I did with Glen over the phone.

The next day I couldn't help but to keep thinking about the phone call with Glen. Then suddenly a stack of papers slammed on my desk at work. "Glen said to bring this paperwork to him on the third floor," the clerk said as I began to pick up the papers. I shuffled off to the third floor and as soon as I stepped off the elevator there was Glen in an empty room naked. He looked at me and smiled then motioned for me to come closer. Standing before him, I looked into his eyes and he said," This is my company and you are mine now, close the door."