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Signs of a Good Woman

A good woman is hard to find. However, the signs are obvious when you meet a woman with certain qualities. Scan the list I created below to determine if the person you are talking to is worth the good woman label.    Signs of a good woman She gets along great with family and friends She has integrity  She accepts responsibility and moves on from mistakes  She is reliable and proactive  She is hardworking, orderly, and focused on goals  She researches and consults with her partner before embarking on big decisions She is optimistic and interesting She is self-aware and honest  She has initiative and can adapt to any situation Listens and shows enthusiasm for the future Loves and takes care of herself She is independent
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Stay Out of His Rotation : Fuck Buddy

How to realize you are just a fuck buddy. Before the twelve o'clock hour comes, he calls. In this moment, your frown becomes a smile with the sound of his voice. Your mind races with thoughts of intimacy as familiar words fall from his lips. Within minutes the deal is sealed. He is on the way to pick you up like a prince coming to get his princess. This story sounds so rewarding but I have to skip to the end. As you wake up, there he is getting dressed ready to take you back home. No calls for a whole week and then you repeat the same scenario. All of this can be avoided by learning to say no.  If this scenario has been going on for a while just know he has someone else. Also, understand that it will never get better. There is no moment that he will suddenly realize that you are good for him. Your power is in saying the word, "no." Don't waste your time on potential because he is not even thinking about you in that way. He may even say he likes you or hint at love. Ho

Thoughtful Gifts for Valentines Day

Valentine's Day, is like hell for men but you can survive it with this simple list of gifts. Just listen to her today, listen to all her crazy work stories and about the bitch she hates but goes shopping with Tell her she looks nice  Buy her something practical like a facial brush or schedule a message Pay a bill , yes this is the most romantic thing ever trust me Wash her car  Lastly tell her why you are still with her

Becoming a Mature Adult-Why I Put Her in the Friend Zone

Let me guess, you are struggling to find the words to understand your relationship. She has not called or text you today. I know you said you wanted to be friends but lately you have been feeling different. Now lets ask why you are feeling different about this woman, that you put in the friend zone. Maybe you have been spending a lot of time with her? Maybe she has been very sweet and nurturing to you? So why are you sitting by the phone waiting for her to sweep you off your feet now? I know exactly why, you are thinking about her everyday. Its because she makes you happy and you have no idea why. So instead of just telling her how you feel, you let her suffer so you can figure out if your feelings are true. Well I got bad news for you, the longer you wait the worse this situation will become. Do you really think she is just going to sit around waiting on you? Do you think your little gestures are enough to keep her attention? WAKE THE FUCK UP! She is already thinking about someone el

Let's Be Honest

If you are thinking about waiting till the last minute to let me know, then get ready for my reaction. Please don't let me take my clothes off and you have no idea what you are doing. If you know that your dick ain't shit then don't subject me to this sad party. I came over to your house to have a good time and not to be bored. If I can't sit on your face because you got asthma then let me know ahead of time. If your dick can only stay hard for two minutes then let me know before I even put my lipstick on. I can waste my good Fenty lipstick on a man who can stay up long enough for me to kiss his cock. So as I am hitting the men upside the head, here goes something for the ladies. If you know that your sex is boring then don't waste this mans time. You knew before you got to his house that you were just going to lay on the bed and do nothing. If you are not going to bounce on the dick then leave and let another woman do your job. So now that the air is clear, lets a

Its Over and You Know It - Three Ways to Get Over Him

You can think about it till a blue stain sets on your face but that won't change the facts. Realize that it's not going anywhere and yes all your friends were right. Holding on to a potential love is a waste of time. If he really wanted you he would do more than just eat your pussy. This man has issues and it's your fault for letting him have the very best of you. It hurts to lose anything of value but believe me you never had him in the first place. Those nights with him were just for his entertainment. He will never be in love with you and hanging around won't make the dream real. It's better to get out while you still have some pride and dignity. Never let a temporary situation determine your future. Love doesn't come for us all which is why it's important to love yourself first. 1. Self Care- Invest time in yourself and do things that make you happy. Happiness has to be within you first before you can be with anyone.  2. Realize Your Worth- Just kno

OMG! What Does He Want? Three Ways to Escape the Friend Zone

If you are like most women today, you have a hard time figuring out where you stand in a relationship. So many women are stuck in a texting relationship or friend zone situation. There is something about just coming out and asking a guy what he really wants. I mean if you ask, will he think you are too pushy? Regardless what he thinks, you need peace of mind. So I have been through some pain, so you wont have to suffer any longer. Here is how you can find out what he wants without coming off as aggressive or desperate. 1. Step Back - Give more time to yourself and less time to him. If you keep popping up every time he wants then he will see you just as entertainment. Go do some self care and let him wander in his thoughts. 2. When you do see him, listen to what he is actually saying. Does he mention you in his plans? Does he suggest you do anything together? Does he include you in on important decisions? if the answer is yes then you are most likely heading towards a relations