Friday, January 18, 2013

Chapter of BBW Thongs

Oh no! did she just crawl up in your bed with those hideous grandma panties on again? Why is that when you were dating she was driving all around town trying to find sexy panties just for you to admire. Now that she got you lock and key, all you see is bloomers? How in the hell did this happen???

I tell you how it happened, you let her get comfy and stop putting your mack down....mhm....yes I said, "mack down." 

She don't respect your pimpin anymore nor your presence, so what is there to do? Something very simple will turn her fire right back on. All you have to do is admire other women, not cheat but admire. Get some magazines of sexy women, buy some sexy movies and watch them with her knowing. And if she pulls that , " I can't believe you are watching those women what about me! I am the mother to your kids, I do this and that!" Then you simply just look at her and let her know that you are still a breathing human being and the fact that we have kids has nothing to do with her showing some love with a new pair of panties. Let her know that if you took away all her responsibilities  would she go back to wearing sexy panties. If she looks all spooked out that means that her plan has been uncovered. 

Some women cut their hair, wear gross panties, and act like some mad kids activity lady just to throw you off from any kind of pleasure. They don't want to have sex because of all their so called responsibilities. It is important for you to take away those responsibilities for a week and see how she will react. If she still walks around with bloomers on and jogging pants then its time to have to the talk with her. The talk includes letting her know how you feel and why you will leave if things don't change. Don't worry about her leaving because if she is a housewife  and you are the bread winner then she is not going anywhere. Trust me , she may complain about the chores and kids , but she really doesn't want to work either. So since your wife or girlfriend won't show you the  thong here are some ladies that will. 

Mature BBWDangerous sexy curves ahead