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Pulsating Pussy

Everybody has this urge to be freaky, nasty, passionate, and horny but for women its much deeper than just an urge. Our bodies respond to touch and words while men respond to visual first then touch. Its no wonder she is not appearing horny when you are. Some men go so crazy wondering why their woman is not as horny as them or doesn't appear to be interested sexually. Well there is a simple answer for this which is women need to be stimulated by words or touch. Women want a deeper connection and they want to know that the person they are desiring really loves and cares for them. Now, the women who are aggressive and seem just as horny as you, are just needing attention. Those kind of women want to prove a point or feel like if they don't show aggression they won't get sex.
But did you know that while she is cooking you dinner her pussy is pulsating. Or when she is sitting their watching tv her pussy is pulsating so loudly. So how do you get her to reveal this need and des…

BBW Role Play

Have you ever thought about  a school girl sitting on your lap, reading to you her daily lesson? Mmm I thought so, sometimes we all want to explore our fantasies but we don't know exactly how to execute them. If you want your woman to dress up and role play then don't just throw a costume on the bed and say here wear that. Instead go up behind her lick behind her ear and down to her neck then say, the dinner you cooked tonight was so good, then kiss her on the cheek and walk away. 

The only way you will get her to be more adventures with you is if you tease her a little. Some women have smell the sample before they will even eat the desert. Stop throwing yourself to her because that is not what turns her on. What will turn her on is maybe teasing her at the dinner table a little. You need to get her more interested in you. Some guys just are plain and they stay that way all through the marriage. They never change their hair, style of clothes, facial expressions or anything. I…

Not So Shy

In this moment you are with me so don't be scared. Unleash all that you have inside and join me on this escape to paradise. Cum all over me like an ocean and I will lick all your desire like a love potion. Explore my pussy and dive deep with your tongue while I moan words you never heard of. Don't be shy take my hand and let me show you how big girls ride a cock like yours.

Bangin Bitches

There is this thing about finding a good girl to settle down with and building a white picket fence kind of life which is what society wants you to have. Not everybody's lifestyle is cut out for this white picket fence dream and sometimes you just want to be free to do what the fuck you want. It's 2018 and you don't have to be held down by marriages or overly attached fucking girlfriends. Sometimes you don't want the plain jane or the girl next door, there are times in life when you just want to bang bitches.

Here are some bad bitches I think you would love to bang.

Fat Admirers and Bellies

Men who love big women are just in love with the big belly. They love to touch and enjoy the sight of curvy skin that is endless.

I think of the belly as something the man can push or hold on to as he is pumping his dick deep inside of her pussy. 
Now how can you be comfortable with your big belly in the bedroom so you can be fully naked?
I say observe others::::::::

Now look at how confident those women are and they don't give a fuck because they know someone wants them so bad. Most fat admirers will instantly start to rub they dick as soon as they eye these massive curves. If your man can't appreciate that you have then fuck him and find find some one else who wants and admires your body.