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Nasty and Naughty Threesomes

A threesome is seen as a common male fantasy. It is something that awakes a mans body and puts him on full alert. If you don't believe just whisper the word to your husband or boyfriend and see the reaction on his face. Having a threesome within a relationship can be uplifting and exciting. The idea of two men loving every part of your body is bliss. You couldnt ask for a better combination. Some women are scared to indulge in this kind of fantasy because they are  worried about what other people think. The thing about a bedroom is has a door that closes. So whatever you two decide to try is only between you and him.In order to have a successful threesome or foursome *wink* need to select your partner very carefully. Here is a link on how to select the perfect threesome partner: Guide to a threesome partner

There are some rules when it comes to having a threesome. Like you can't have solo sex with a threesome partner outside of the agreement. This then would be conside…

Large Women, Pillows, and Positions

Well okay he is too small or you are too wide.He is too large and you are too small. This can go around for a long time so I'll get to the point. Either way you have sex, pillows are your friend. The best position I heard of was to lay on your back, pillow under butt, and knees to your chest. So you cant eat a burger before this position or you will fart and blow your man away lol. Since I dont have all the answers I have found some sites that do:

Only on the internet could you find this

A mans experience with a chubby woman

onco over year ago
I have experience I would like to share. I am 49 years old , (5'6",160lbs with 6" penis) I was married to a very skinny woman (5'4" 96lbs tiny breasts , hips and butt), after our breakup I was dating much younger "Amazon" woman (5'9" 250lbs and very muscular) and I now have a "chubby" girlfriend (5'2" a70lbs 38dd breasts , belly roll and thick butt) and sex is A LOT different with women of different body types!
My skinny ex wife was so easy to have sex with and I could give her multiple orgasms almost every time. She was so small any and every possible position worked for us and I had to take it easy and not go too deep into her in some positions. We had 3 babies, all C section and her vagina was very tight with a large clit and long thin labia. She was happy with sex once a night every other night. We had a very satisfying sex life for both of us.
My young "Amazon' woman really surprised me. She…