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Fat Admirers and Bellies

Men who love big women are just in love with the big belly. They love to touch and enjoy the sight of curvy skin that is endless.

I think of the belly as something the man can push or hold on to as he is pumping his dick deep inside of her pussy. 

Now how can you be comfortable with your big belly in the bedroom so you can be fully naked?

I say observe others::::::::

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Now look at how confident those women are and they don't give a fuck because they know someone wants them so bad. Most fat admirers will instantly start to rub they dick as soon as they eye these massive curves. If your man can't appreciate that you have then fuck him and find find some one else who wants and admires your body. 


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Fat Admirers and Dating Sites

My email is always full of dating sites however when I join those sites the men that find me attractive are never there. I often wonder why big women have a hard time on these sites if there are men who in 2018 find them attractive. I do realize that some of these men are in the closet and have no intention of being seen with a big woman. Then there are the fat admirers who just like the fat and not the woman. It is very hard for us as big women to find someone who truly loves who and what we are. If you enjoy the company of a woman and she happens to be big why shy away from what makes you happy? Nobody pays your bills and certainly nobody can tell you as a grown person who to grow old with. Stop letting society decide your fate and do what you want.

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