Thursday, October 11, 2012

How to ride a man

On all fours, bent over, leg up , and missionary are all good positions but the one that women have the most trouble with is riding. Although riding seems simple the lack of confidence can make some women embarrassed to even try it. In order to ride properly there are two  things that you have to accomplish which is confidence and movement.

First, in order to be able to ride on top of a man you need confidence. Some women refuse this position because they don't know how to feel comfortable as they ride. Realize first that if he didn't like your body then he wouldn't be having sex with you. To be a success at riding you have to lose  your sense of fear and inhibition. You know in your mind you really want to make him feel good and you want to enjoy all of his shaft inside you right? We know you are thinking this but you have to act on it, because if you don't you will always say to yourself what if? Your body in your mind may not be what you like and if not make it the way you want it. You are in sole control of how men see you and you are the designer of your body. From his first touch of your breast , down to your nipple and down to your clit you feel so good. So why not continue this good feeling and enjoy him inside of you. Sit on top of your  thrown like a queen should and enjoy the width of his dick. Don't think about the image other people have of you, in that bedroom its all about you and him. Nobody else should matter when you are pleasing someone you love.

Second, is movement which alot of women find confusing. Some women grind on the dick and smash it making him cum quick. Some women do very little movement which offers him no excitement or pleasure. Then you have the women that are so aggressive they almost damage the dick as if he the man needed a souvenir to remember who you are. So in order to help clarify how to move I have provided to video links

How not to ride

How to ride 

Here is also more information on how to ride :

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Never Been Pretty

You have flipped through the same magazine a thousand times and wondering what could be missing. The latest fad that you heard about through a girlfriend of yours, had you screaming yes this is the answer. The new hairstyle that was cutting edge, took years off your face. Well atleast thats what everybody else told you. Alot of people go around as adults searching for things to make them more appealing to others. But at what point does this end and why do we torture ourselves trying to make others like us. Instead of dress to impress why not just impress people.

In Highschool you never noticed her but she would sit in the hallaway avoiding lunch and almost invisible to those around her. She would sit in silence and cry everyday asking God why she was not one of the chosen. Everyday she would look at the popular guys and wish some how they would notice her. As she got older she entertained men who never loved her and she cried every night wishing for something real. Each relationship got worse as time went on until someone told her you are not pretty. Then she realized she was nothing to anybody and decided to hide herself faraway where nobody could hurt her.

....The ugly duckling story is more true than anybody knows

i thought this was kind of wild

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Yay!! Yo GabbaGabba

Yo GabbaGabba

I have become so into this show that I have even started looking up the music videos from the son loves this show......and I can actually sit and watch it with no problem. We have come so far since Barney and the dreadful tellie tubbies.....but anyway I love all the performances. My favorite is Beautiful day by Jimmy Eat World....
.Tip:::: .If you are trying to cook in the kitchen and you have one of those kids that constantly pulling on your clothes to play while you cook. I say flip on this show and it will get them dancing while you cook. Or if you that Martha Stewart type mommy.....have them help you cook and then watch the show together. .........yea not the Martha good luck to ya.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Ethanol Subsidies Under Fire From Both Political Parties

.80 cent a gallon in america ...say it aint so ........ooooooo yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
oh darn its for flex fuel vehicles....hmmmm dang i need some new wheels...

Ethanol Subsidies Under Fire From Both Political Parties

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Going back home to momma

Nobody wants to do this but it happens alot acutally. Living back at home with your parents. There is two reasons you will end up doing this sometime in your life......either you were young, stupid,and wasted your paychecks. Or somehow you had children and cant afford to take care of them by yourself. Whatever the reason is, its hell where you are? Everyday costant bickering over what you should have done to prevent from living back at home. Then there is you pay your half of everything that goes on in the house. On top of that you are told to save money so you can move out soon. With all this going on you feel lost and ashamed to have to be there in the first place. Mothers can be cruel during this time of need because you are coming in on their retirement era. Well all i can say is keep your head up and don't cry and try to get some sleep. In the morning make a plan to get your way out of there and don't turn back.

Yes im two steps ahead of you at happiness.......*smile*

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jenny Craig Who?

Ok my mom has been on Jenny Craig and the whole time she has been eating and popping. You would think with all this action going on that she would be super slim by now but no it hasn't happened yet. She did lose ten pounds out of the whole thing but I started eating the food and I think I gained everything she
Okay I have got to get this under control...before I get stuck to my chair like that man that had the maggots coming out his oh yea scroll down back threw my posts...I wrote about that)

But anyway .....everybody losing weight even Jordan Sparks have you seen she is slim and trim how come I can't do the same.....hmmmm I am about to get it together........having your knees knock and reaching all the way to china to wipe your butt isnt my idea of a good im

Friday, April 15, 2011

Donald Trump Blames "The Blacks" For Obama’s Presidency - Digg

Donald Trump needs to go take a hike really he is crazy ...talking about he has a good relationship with right....I don't remember him doing anything for me is a total idiot and waste of web space.....when will people wake up and realize this is the best president we ever had...he is so calm......its crazy would be knocking out people all over congress.......and you're fired would be my middle name.......Trump sit down with that rug...on top of your head

Donald Trump Blames "The Blacks" For Obama’s Presidency - Digg

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I know that I miss being a young and free to do what I want but I dont miss the part of hanging out with people who get wasted and drunk beyond belief. I thought that if i changed my hair.....put on some cute clothes...and hang with the young people ...i would feel less old.....but now i seen how young people live...and how that was me at one time.....and now i am glad im old as