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Becoming a Mature Adult-Why I Put Her in the Friend Zone

Let me guess, you are struggling to find the words to understand your relationship. She has not called or text you today. I know you said you wanted to be friends but lately you have been feeling different. Now lets ask why you are feeling different about this woman, that you put in the friend zone. Maybe you have been spending a lot of time with her? Maybe she has been very sweet and nurturing to you? So why are you sitting by the phone waiting for her to sweep you off your feet now? I know exactly why, you are thinking about her everyday. Its because she makes you happy and you have no idea why. So instead of just telling her how you feel, you let her suffer so you can figure out if your feelings are true. Well I got bad news for you, the longer you wait the worse this situation will become. Do you really think she is just going to sit around waiting on you? Do you think your little gestures are enough to keep her attention? WAKE THE FUCK UP! She is already thinking about someone else because you keep playing games. If you truly do not want her then let her go. If you really can't see yourself with her then let her go. Why hold onto something you don't want? So if you can't figure it out let me help you end this madness. 

  • Is she supportive of your dreams?
  • Is she caring of your wants and needs?
  • Does she make time for you?
  • Can you be your goofy ass self around her?
  • Do you admire her beauty?
If you answer yes, then hit yourself upside the head for being dumb. You know damn well you want this woman yet you play mind games. Fix this now or she will be with someone else. 


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