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How To Tell If A Man Likes You

Ladies, don’t overthink when it comes to guys. If you see him on the regular chances are he really likes you. No man is going to spend time with a woman he doesn’t like. However you want to know if he just wants to fuck or be in a relationship. I’m going to give you both sides of the coin and you can easily decide, what situation you are in.

Signs that he just wants to fuck: 

He calls late at night, randomly

This is just his way of testing the water. He wants to see if you are willing and ready to fuck. If he offers to come over to cuddle then get your lube out because it’s going to be a long night.

He ignores your texts

If you text him five times and you get no response this means he is not up for entertainment tonight. Men who just want to fuck will contact you when they feel like being bothered. If he is truly ignoring all your texts then he is on to someone new.

Signs he wants a relationship:

He initiates contact first

If a man is truly serious he will contact you to spend time with him. You won’t have to question anything if he is wanting to spend time with you.

He becomes vulnerable with you

If he starts sharing some of his feelings and dreams with you then he is probably serious about you. Men hold these type of things close to their heart. So if he is giving you insight into his future then he might be serious about you.

He makes plans with you not just on weekends.

If you see him during the week and not just on weekends, chances are he is serious about you. A man who just wants to fuck will not carve out this kind of time with you. If you only see him Saturday nights then you already know what this is, get out the lube.    

With all this being said, some ladies are not really ready for a relationship. Date a few guys before trying to lock down everyone you meet. Being with someone who just wants to Fuck is not a bad thing. In the end, we all want something and if you can’t figure out what you really want then don’t date. If you want a relationship, find people who want the same thing. You can determine this early by simply asking the question , “what are you looking for?”  If the reply is vague then he is not the one. 


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